FitFood Alternative – Ice Cream

Ice Cream

A nice frosty bowl of ice cream while hanging out is one hell of a luxury. I admit to the cravings weekly! The problem is that it is so full of sugar that it is far from Fit Food. I have finally found an alternative!

A simple alternative to Ice Cream is Low Fat Cottage Cheese. The great thing about cottage cheese is the slow-digesting casein protein. This means that this divine bowl of white will provide your muscles with necessary amino acids throughout the night.

Bowl of Cottage Cheese

Another great thing about cottage cheese is that it is essentially a blank canvas. You can buzz it in a Magic Bullet with a bit of Vanilla extract for a creamy snack before bed, or you can send it for another round in the bullet with your favorite fruits and other low cal favorites such as berries, Chia seeds, or your favorite nut butter such as almond, peanut, or cashew. Throw in some PB Fit to amp up the protein without adding additional fat. 




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