Weight Loss Strategies – Part 1

Healthy Habits are the most important thing when it comes to weight loss. You can sign up for a gym, use the best apps, but unless you create great habits, you will not succeed. Here are 6 Tips to help you lose weight. 


  1. Eat Snacks! Eating a few snacks throughout the day can help stop cravings and keep your metabolism running. It also helps with insulin response and can help prevent diabetes. 
  2. Circle the store first – Load up your grocery cart from the outside perimeter of the store (Skip the bakery) and fill up your cart with fresh produce, fish, and lean meats. Stay away from the processed calorie dense foods in the center aisles.
  3. Fill your fridge and pantry with healthy convenient food. Fresh produce and protein. You will be less likely to eat out when you have everything for a tasty dinner at home! Don’t forget frozen veggies and berries!
  4. Eat Early! Start with a good breakfast. The science is still out on whether breakfast is necessary, but skipping meals usually encourages binge eating later in the day. If you can’t stop the binging, then don’t skip breakfast!
  5. Learn to Cook! – It isn’t hard or overly time consuming. It probably takes longer to drive to your favorite take out spot, wait in line, and drive home than it does to cook a tasty meal! If you have problems thinking of things, Send me a message, I can send you a few of the meals that I prepare myself!
  6. Clean your Fridge and pantry of JUNK! Then stock it up with Healthier options. Like Whole Grains, nuts & seeds, beans, fresh fruits and veggies (not the sugary canned and dried stuff).

Author: FitFood

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