What is Meal Prep?

Meal prep basics for Beginners

Are you single? Married? Kids? Just trying to eat right and get fit?  Meal prepping is for you. I’m sure you’re busy, like the rest of us and find it hard to eat wholesome home cooked meals. Fast food is just too convenient! Prepping meals in advance is a great way to eat right on a tight schedule.  

If you didn’t know exactly what meal prepping is, it is simply cooking, in one day,for an entire week. With my schedule it is hard to pick a specific week to prep, but puck the day you have the most time to dedicate to cooking. For most people,this is Sunday.  

Your meal prep typically consists of 4 categories.

Meat (or alt protein for you veggies out there


Whole grains

Misc toppings

The best meal prep recipes or there are ones that are easy to prepare many servings at once. They have multiple variations in the recipe to change up the flavors.  The recipe should also be able to be frozen and reheated.  

Meal preps should include breakfast,a lunch, a dinner, snacks,and some form of dessert.  You have to treat yourself even when eating fit.  It is also important that your recipes meet your dietary needs.  

I will be posting some of my favorite passing and testing and preparing many new ones as well. Please subscribe and follow for all that is to come.  







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